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To gank, pilfer, filch, or purloin

Related to: Mooch
Priggish prick watkinsed my thumb drive!

I'm gonna watkins this shit!

That dude is always watkinsing computers from work, I've seen him with at least four laptops...
#gank #pilfer #filch #purloin #prig
by dOobersNapz October 02, 2012
1- an unnecessary 5 minute - 1 hour break.
2- a stupid action
3- anything negative
1- "I hate working with this kid. He's taken 3 watkins in the past hour! I'm doing all the damn work!"
#break #stupid #unnecessary #negative #pointless
by KMaster June 28, 2012
1. a crazy girl that is so high on life that it is impossible to keep up with her!

2. tres bril and completely hot.

3. a girl that every guy is secretly in love with but is too intimidated by her awesomeness to feel like he could ever be amazing enough for her...and is usually true- therefore, she is also a heart-breaker
"So i hung out with Watkins!! last night"

"no way man! she is so hot!"

"I know. she is the most amazing girl i have, or will ever meet."

"Fo sho!"
#watkins #hot #heart-breaker #brilliant #awesome
by Hippie Ninja March 10, 2007
To sweep a girl off her feet, often while not even realising that's what you're doing.
Girl a: How was your date?

Girl b: It was amazing. He was lovely and enthusiastic and adorable, and he kissed me when we went for lunch

Girl a: He's totally Watkinned you, hasn't he?

Girl b: Swoon, he totally has...
#dating #charming #kissing #romance #swoon
by Louise87 December 26, 2012
The unfortunate act of grazing a your face because you fell over with your thumbs tucked into the straps of your heavy backpack.
Boy: "Un-tuck your thumbs from your straps, its dangerous, you may Watkin"

Girl: "woooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaah" (bosh + scraping sound)

#falling #tripping #graze on the noggin #losing the fight against gravity #free fall
by clare_the_great September 03, 2008
A sick welsh paedo who preys on little children like the child catcher for chitty chitty bang bang
Chad: Mate did you hear about Jimmy Savville?

Kevin: Yeah he's a total Watkins.
#ian #watkins #lostprophets #lost #prophets #paedo #scum #kiddy fiddler
by Young and Hung December 20, 2012
A Paedophile or nonce, named after Ian Watkins, the singer of Southern welsh sportswear toss-rock merchants Lost Prophets and his less-than-legitimate lolita fixation.
That Watkins that used to hang around outside the Maccies in town was kicked to death in prison.
#paedo #nonce #kiddy fiddler #child catcher #saville
by Colak December 19, 2012
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