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Proper ghetto town in south Hertfordshire, jus outside north west London, bare good to shop *Da Harlequin Centre* lots of black bwois and asians and full of real gangsta brehs... big up TTS
"Blad u dnt wanna be cummin watford gettin fresh, ull get merked"
by TTS August 04, 2005
136 126
Centre of the Universe. Mind the gap.
Pronounced wot-fud
I am going to Watford tonight to get very drunk and try to chat up some females
by Russell September 08, 2003
142 78
The Best part of Hertfordshire, and all you greedy fuckers from Luton fuck off, Watford will stuff you anyday and cant wait to see you relagated from the Championship soon. Overall Wotfud is a klass place, better than all you guys fink, anyone putting bad about us, you can guess that they are from scabby Luton!!
Glad to be Watfordian!
by Adam Brady August 17, 2006
151 107
Really amazing town near London, UK.

Very big. Technically big enough to be a city, but we haven't got a cathedral, so we're not.

Has its own tube station, which will soon be closed if they go ahead with the Croxley Rail Link project. But it will be replaced with TWO stations, yes TWO - Ascot Road (the post sorting office) and Hospital.

Lots of places in the UK end with -ford. This is (not) because they are home to Ford dealerships. Watford has many, and therefore you must decide "Wat ford? (shall i visit) ", which is where it (doesn't) get its name.
They're opening a new Apple Store!

Ha ha. Very funny.
by NemoD98 May 31, 2011
44 5
... Are back in the Premiership. Shame we can't show the Shatters how "scared" we are of them next season though ay boys...
Watford - Premiership
The Luton Scum - Championship
... Enough said
by NathWFC June 22, 2006
106 79
An english soccer/football team in the football league championship, the second highest division in England. Their logo is half orange half yellow and has the head of a stag in the middle.
Lets all go and see wattfud play.
by best champ team=Wigan November 12, 2004
59 78
Elton John's favourite football team
90% of their fans actually support other teams such as Chelsea and Arsenal but watch Watford as they cant get tickets tickets for their real teams
Recently beaten hammered off and on the pitch by their local rivals
"The wanky Watford Fc went to Rome to see the pope, The wanky Watford Fc went to Rome to see the pope,The wanky Watford Fc went to Rome to see the pope and this is what he said:
by anonymous September 10, 2003
66 138