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Small little city in New york. Has some great food and the food's one of a kind!! The arsenal is located here, also.
Watervliet seems like a little cute area with food found unusual with other surrounding areas. Such as Latham, Troy, Albany......
by BethanyJoy September 07, 2012
A small town in Southwest Michigan. Previously also known as Hooterville.
Paw Paw Lake is located in Watervliet, Michigan
by Queensryche February 13, 2011
A city just outside Albany NY used to be west-troy, but we got tired of that shit. Bring your beer and women and get the fuck out or we'll whoop your ass.
I was in Watervliet yesterday, it makes New York City look like a Chuckie Cheese.
by batman28 September 27, 2009
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