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in reference to skateboards... when one's skateboard gets wet, or coated with water, then drying up, allowing the wood to absorb the water, resulting in a weaker, lighter skateboard deck which is harder to pop, harder to flip, and easier to snap; overall a negative effect

- est. 2/2012 OFLO
" man i bought a new skateboard deck last week, and it already got waterlogged "

" damn dude sucks to be you "
by bbopyank February 24, 2012
When your ears are filled with water after you swim, and you can't get it out no matter what you do.
Zoey: oh man, I just came from the beach.
Dan: Really? How was it?
Zoey: It was fun, but I got seriously waterlogged.
by Palliac July 15, 2010
When you put a dildo in a girls asshole and it shoots water into the anus.
I left that girl totally waterlogged at the party last night
by Bob Dobalinaa March 24, 2011
The action of receiving sloppy oral sex
" I was getting waterlogged by this girl friday night and I straight nutted on her tits and walked out that door"
by dalteeeezytrain January 02, 2010