Water polo is a sport played on by the quickest, strongest, smartest and best conditioned athletes. A water polo team consists of 7 mentally unstable people (who in gods name would want to be putting breathing air second to the ultimate goal of victory). The players in the pool consist of 6 field players and a goalie. The object of the game would not only be to stay above the water while everyone is try to put you under, but to shoot the ball past the goalie and score. There are rules... when your on the surface of the water(which isn't often). Under the surface anything goes.
Water polo is for the mentally unstable.
by The Water Polo Freak July 10, 2009
The best sport in the world. The sport real men play that requires strength and endurance. One of the hardest sport known to man. water polo players are the strongest people. All the chicks go for water polo guys. When people talk shit about it it's only because they can't do it themselves. One of the roughest sports ever.
Boy1: Dude I made the Basketball team!

Boy2: I made the Water Polo team.

Boy 1:(Speechless)

Boy: Hey, can you come to my baseball game.

Girl: Sorry, Watching the boys water polo game.
by Ingoman94 November 20, 2012
Super intense sport played by the toughest, and most mentally unstable athletes ever, who have no conscience in the pool and who believe that breathing is not required for life functions. Field players are fast and vicious. Goalies are often nicknamed "beasts". Suits are worn 4 sizes too small, so that they don't get pulled off during the game. It requires endurance, speed(ability to sprint when you are drowning), and excellent ball handling while being attacked. Must also have an extremely quick mind, to be able to visualize every possible play in under 2 seconds, and to make split second descisions when outnumbered 3 to 1.

Water polo players are identifiable by their chlorine hair, strong legs, and often their bigger-than-the-other shoulder.
1) Person: wow, how do you breathe in those tight suits? while being chased? and drowned?

Water polo player: what? oh, you get used to it :)

2) Person 1: Damn, is it just me, or are those girls' shoulders lopsided?
Person 2: oh, they must be water polo players
by SeerSparks June 22, 2012
Water polo is a relatively new sport where instead of riding a horse, one uses a large mallet while dressed in scuba gear and riding a shark.

It is rumored that some families have a tradition where the family becomes a man when he is able to tame his own wild shark from the sea.
Let's play some fucking water polo, Matt! No, not that pussy ass volleyball shit. Sack up and grab a goddamn shark. Shit's about to get REAL.
by The Goddamn Batmans April 17, 2011
a particularly homoerotic sport involving anal fingering and plenty of underwater groping. enjoyed by men of all ages, especially those who don't get enough action. watch out for waterpolo players they tend to fondle.
Val: "Have you ever played waterpolo?"

Mufit: "Yeah, but I quit after finding the second hand up my ass."

Val: ....
by herbzz November 22, 2013
a sport played underwater upon horseback, often stallion, with an oversized croquet stick and a rubber football. Referees must be below 4 foot tall and coaches must be above 7 foot. Often attracts unwanted spectators and fans that shout ridiculous things like "Easy Meat" and "Hit him in the face with a woggle" Toggs must be worn at all time. If they "fall" off players must make a ring around the naked player to hide their meat and two veg. Common injuries include perferated eardrum and eyeball sucked out due to hit in the face whilst wearing goggles. Up to 10000 people and horses die each year and float to the surface, to be removed from the pool by fishing nets.
man, waterpolo is awesome
by fattycakes April 08, 2005
rich person sport played in water
I like to play water polo
by JOHNSON October 16, 2003
A fairly difficult sport, by far not the most difficult, where you swim around in the water throwing balls. 90% of the players are arrogant douchebags who act like its the hardest thing in the world and that they are superior to everybody else for doing it.
Average high school student : Water polo is pretty hard I guess, but sports like wrestling require much more technique and are harder physically.

Average water polo player : Shutup you dumb fucking fuck you dont know what we do in da water its the hardest sport we swim and throw balls man you would probably die in the pool man im so fit and better then you

Average high school student : Sigh...
by Xnote July 29, 2012

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