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"I am" in Japanese. Also one of the greatest pop-rock bands from California
Wow, Watashi Wa is a really cool band.
1. A fake Santa Claus who slips through your water pipes, then steals your tree and replaces it with a computer depicting homosexual pornography he downloaded off a torrent.

2. Dignified term for someone who can actually detect humor and sarcasm delivered over chat rooms and forums.

See also Bing Crosby
You are SUCH a watashiwa, man. I love you.
by SirH December 31, 2004
What people call it when you shove your dirty penis in a mexican's dirty anus.
by DarkFact July 09, 2003
Man with small penis.
"Would you date that handsome young man Sharleen?"
"Nah, he's a watashiwa, he couldn't possibly satisfy me."
by Non of your business! June 23, 2003
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