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The stage of drunkenness, that leaves you completely retarded, acting a fool, usually ending with "you" causing a scene. More than likely, the choice of drink is either Jack Daniels or a few too many Dos XX with shots of Patron... Or a mixture of all three!
** Of Course there are multiple stages of being Wasty Pants, however, somehow they all end with embarrassing photos of person being a total fucktard on Facebook...
Q: "Did you see that guy over there? Man, he is so Wasty Pants..."
by BooBookittyfck23 September 05, 2012
To get so drunk that you can't get into strip clubs.
ex. My roommate Jake this weekend.

Jake- I'm going to lick some strippers TITTIES

Bouncer- how many beers have you had?

Jake- I have ID
Bouncer- How many beers have you had?
Jake- I'm nineteen
Bouncer- Leave your Wasty Pants.
by Licken strippers TITTIES November 03, 2013

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