Refers to a raw, grimey, industrial area suitable for BMX sessions and are most common in Dirty Jersey(Northeast) and NYC. Most people view this habitat as nothing more than an eye-sore or detritus. Overwhelmed by fear and disgust, most riders wouldn't dare pass the visible "No Trespassing" signs. TeamPiFF members are often found lurking in the darkest of alleys and dungeons with no visible signs of resent or phobias.

Esophegator was seen emerging from "Appleseed", with a grin only obtained from BMX seesions at the famed wasteland.
by esophegator July 25, 2006
Top Definition
A state of mind in which you think up ridiculous ideas which at the time seem to make perfect sense but upon review at a later time are revealed as complete nonsense and are usually quite humoress. This can be be attributed to drug use, lack of sleep, or any similar effects.
My mind was a total Wasteland when I wrote down: "The monkeys, ARE TALKING!"
by Sid August 08, 2003
Another term for the city of Detroit, MI
Dude#1 - "I had to drive through that Wasteland today"

Dude#2 - "you mean Detroit?"
by dudehata12 April 12, 2010
a Detroit original: the stripmall infested corporate diamond mines, geographically located just outside of the city boundaries, otherwise known as the SUBURBS. The first part of name describes the area's contributions to it's parental city's resources. The second part of the word is just ironic. Also the home of the WASTE-OID.
We drove through miles of wastelands on our journey to the city, stopping only once for a burger named mac and a biggie fry.
by Mel March 04, 2005
A Detroit original: any strip mall infested suburban community that sits directly outside of the city limits, but for some reason still considers itself part of the city, despite its obvious geographic, architectural, social, and cultural differences.
She lives in the wastelands to avoid paying city taxes, and drives in every weekend, doors locked, to go to the club.
by Mel March 04, 2005
referring to the smell of a public restroom after someone takes a huge dump.
dude it smells like a wasteland in there.
by Kumaru March 09, 2008
A 160 page novel written by Francesca Lia Block. Involves incest, love, siblings, and suicide.
I just finished reading 'Wasteland'. It was actually really depressing in a sense. Poetically depressing. A lot of emotion coursed through those words on these pages, giving you an almost inside depth into these characters least for me anyway. Despite the short length (took me about half an hour to read), the story itself makes up for it. I can see the reason why so many summaries written about this book say its aimed for more sophisticated readers. With the authors writing style, and with the plot as well, which deals with a sensitive subject, incest, it makes the reason quite evident already. Overall, I just like the book, the idea, everything. I don't like reviews that reveals the whole, I just recommended you to read this book if you like stories with depth, and raw emotion.
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx February 15, 2006

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