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1. The tradition of singing carols door to door.
2. An ancient tradition that exists of going from house to house on Christmas for Wassail. If you can't provide wassail for humble, tattered minstrels, you gotta turn over your debit card and PIN number immediately.
3. A refreshing, great tasting beverage that comes in cans.
"Enjoy the great taste of Wassail... in cans!"
by Joseph Grabko September 08, 2005
1. To sing carols from house to house at Christmas

2. The act of grabbing the shaft of ones erect penis in one hand and using the palm of the other hand to rub the head in circulur motions. This can usually only be done for a few seconds at a time due to the head of the penis being so sensitive and giving the male a very intense overwhelming feeling.
When masturbating and no one is looking, i often like to Wassail for a few seconds.
by Evan February 05, 2004
a party where everyone drinks alchohol an gets shitfaced
ted got hammered and hit on his sister at the wassail
by valvedor the grand June 26, 2005
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