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W-L is loacted in Arlington, Virginia and is home to the Generals! We fucking hate Yorktowners (Porktowners- white meat)because they are a bunch of preppy white fags and sluts. Our other rival is Wakefield which we call Fakefield! They are in south arlington and swear they are all hard ass gangstas!!! Then you have WL the neutral school zone where we are diverse and everyone gets along. We also have the worst football team ever but its cool because we have the best fans!!! We are also the home to all the Military kids from Ft. Myer! So dont mess with us!!!!!
Washington-Lee Generals Dominate Northern Virginia
by Wisco March 17, 2005
washington lee high school located in arlington VA the school where hot freshmen girls out number hot sophomore girls like 80 to 3 the school where we HATE yorktown and everything they stand for POOOOOOOORKTOOOOWN the other white meat with all are hearts we hate wakefieldto but only because there in arlington too the school where no matter how bad are football team is fans still come the most diverse school in arlington and in my appinion by far the best i go to washington lee and i can truthfully say i wouldnt have it any other way YAAAAA GENERALS
guy:you goin to the game tonight?
girl:arnt they like 1-5?
girl:of course i am
by a WL general and proud of it April 10, 2005
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