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A daily newspaper, founded in 1982, and funded by the Unification Church and Reverend Sun Myun Moon. Although begun as a conservative counterweight to Communism, the newspaper has gradually won respect for its journalism. Today, it is held in high esteem for its Metropolitan pages and its non-ideological foreign news pages, although the editorial coverage still retains a firmly conservative viewpoint.
Ever since HMB went to work at the Washington Times, his contributions at urbandictionary have tapered off into nothingness. One can only hope that his literary output is being put to equally creative uses.
by HMB March 06, 2004
daily newspaper funded by the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon. It is known for its ultra-conservative several-steps-past-nuttiness viewpoint.
Is in fact so supportive of the texas chimp that one begins to wonder if it is put out by the white house. Tops even Bill O'Reilly in Bush butt-kissing.
Dude...when you buy the washington times, you're supporting the moonies.
by maks March 17, 2004
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