As a long time resident of the suburbs, probably one of the most unpleasant places in America. 60% of the city snobby, arrogant, elitist, self-described intellectual types, the archtypical unpleasant, stuck-up East Coast person. People look down on anyone else who is not from the East Coast. Even California is looked down upon by the arrogant East Coasters here. People are unfriendly and unlike in the South or Midwest strangers never acknowledge people in public and even if you are an old lady with a cane, nobody will give up their seat on the subway. People say DC is the most "laid back" city on the East Coast, perhaps because its the southernmost city in the Bos-Wash megalopolis, but "laid back" isn't saying much when the competition is even more arrogant, stuck up, self absorbed, latte sipping people in New York and Boston.

The other 40% of the city is a ghetto war zone. I've heard the view on the Metro Red Line just past the Rhode Island Avenue station to be reminiscent of Sarajevo, Bosnia. There are gangs everywhere, murders every day.

Housing prices in DC and the suburbs are ridiculously high. Even as illegal immigrants ghettoize my suburban Maryland neighborhood, the prices continue to increase. It now costs $400,000 to buy a house in Rockville, MD with no garage and in a neighborhood with many ghetto people and illegal immigrants.

The weather here sucks. The winters are completely completely unbearable, there is too much rain and cloudiness. Summer is nice but never lasts long enough. Traffic sucks too and we have the second longest commute time outside L.A. There are many illegal immigrants, many of them are joining gangs and selling drugs and portions of the city and suburban Prince George's County Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia no longer feels like America anymore.

I want to move to one of the Southern or Mountain states after I'm done with school.

P.S. if DC reallyis the most chill city on the East Coast, I do not see how it is humanly possible to live in New York or Boston.
PERSON FROM NORTHWEST Washington DC: I can't believe all these inbred redneck hicks from Kentucky and West Virginia. I will never live on the West Coast its too shallow. I can't go without Starbucks and Whole Foods for a day.

PERSON FROM NORTHEAST DC: I am tellin chu, if chu mess with my turf or fuck with my homies, I gon' bust cho cap right now.
PERSON FROM SOUTHEAST DC: Dawg chu aint got no right telling me i cant pimp my hoes, chu git cho coupe de ville outta my turf or me and my homies gon' make sumthin' go down tonite.
PERSON FROM NEARBY PG COUNTY, MARYLAND : Yo quiero welfare. Yo quiero food stamps. Yo quiero todos.
by Audrey Raines August 31, 2006
Top Definition
Other than being the capital of the U.S., D.C. is known for having a predominantly Black population (not counting those that live in the outside suburbs, but go to work in the city). From this large Black population, D.C. has developed a very distinctive culture including its Go-Go music, mambo sauce, and style of dress for the younger population (a style that is very different from other metro areas that imitate NYC for the most part). And, like many other large metro area, the people here have a their own slang and accent, one that is cross-bred from both the South and the North. Despite the recent developement projects going on there, the SouthEast section of DC is popularly known as the most dangerous area of the town. In addition, many long-time DC residents have been moving to the bordering counties such as Prince George's County, MD, Charles County, MD, and Alexandria, VA.
I can tell you're from Washington DC, because you're accent doesn't have a heavy drawl like the Dirty South, but it definitely ain't New York or Philly.
by Tabnaka January 31, 2006
The capitol city of the United States that has surprisingly quickly became a fierce rival to the Barnum and Bailey Circus Group. Washington DC is known particularly for providing quality entertainment to the entire world through its one of its oldest attractions, the "Congress".
Washington DC is home of the three-ring government, and Barnum and Bailey is home of the three-ring circus.
by Mr. Barnum February 13, 2005
Our nation's capitol also ironically the most violent area in the US
"I was on a tour of the white house and saw 15 people get capped."
by anon December 23, 2004
A very bizarre city with a largely African American population. Very high cost of living in certain area's. Very high crime in most of the city actually most of the crime occurs in Northeast to Southwest that is 3/4 of the city. Not all of northwest is all great and rich either. As a matter of "FACT" The District of Columbia has had a higher crime rate than New York City and Los Angeles CA since 1995 till now (2008).the city has all of the dumbest tourist from around the world jam packed into this city. We got our own slang out here like no where else (Lunchin, Joe, Bamma, Ja) as most cities do. And our own way of eating Chinese food (Mambo Sauce not available in Baltimore or surrounding Virginia). And our own style of music,(go-go). Overall one of the best cities to live in. Filled with nightlife, packed with nightclubs. And one of the highest AIDS rates in America (35.5 per 100,000.) For a funny way to see how bad D.C. really is go to or Google in compare crime rates and see for yourself. WELCOME TO D.C.
(Example 1)

(guy from Baltimore): Lets go to the carry out in Washington DC homie.

(guy from D.C.): This nigga like JA mayne aight lets go to the cuurrry out I need some chicken wings n Fried rice Yoounngn. Why you weerinn that hat nigga you look like a Bamma Joooee.

(Guy from Baltimore): Yo, afterward let's go to Cerice house out therre.

(Guy from D.C.): Hell Nah Joe, that bitch burn't me and gave me HIV Youngn.
by youngggn July 10, 2008
the home of go-go(chuck brown,re,byb) nations cap...murder of the sexiest women, the baddest men, && the best nite-life,,,dc has birthed...j holiday, raheem, and many others
washington dc iz the best!!!
by Q-v33 August 16, 2008
Ranked the 7th worst city in America for 2007 Most Dangerous Crime Top 25 by Morgan Quitno Press. (Used to be the murder capital for many years in the 90's and 2003-04)


by joe01yeah September 02, 2008
America's largest open air shooting gallery.
There is yet another sniper on the loose in the US city of Washington DC
by black flag June 01, 2004
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