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Wash Bottles; a very funny and quite colloquial phrase emanating from the real B-Town; Brampton, Ontario CANADA!

Cardinal Leger Secondary School will live on forever!

Wash Bottles (or washing bottles, bottle washer, etc) is simply a term used, either jokingly, seriously or somewhere in between, to describe the act of fellatio. Do note, however, that this phrase must be used with a STRONG Portuguese accent, as was common in the development of this catch-phrase. The phrase is often used to describe a negative situation, or towards someone in a negative way, similar to telling someone to fuck-off.

The words can be interchanged depending on the use and tense of the incident in which the phrase is being used - see below examples
"why don't you go wash bottles down by the creek!"

"Hey buddy, go wash bottles!"

"Your mom is a bottle washer!"

"you washed bottles for a living"

and so on - take it and go!
by philEblunt October 17, 2008
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