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Sticking a mans balls up a womans vagina.
"yer man i totally took my spunk bells up her warwick avenue"
by TheArtistKiller2 September 19, 2008
To Ejaculate in a public Place over your partner
John went down to beach and Warwick Avenued all over Tracey
by bytheduckpond September 17, 2008
Anal Penetration
Anal sex
Bumming 'The Tube'
I was taking her up the warwick avenue, so I wouldn't get her pregnant.
by pyros444 September 16, 2008
When one wishes to relieve them self of sexual anxiety by giving themselves a hand-job.
"Cor that bird was really fit I had to go home and give myself a warwick avenue..."
by TizzMonkee September 16, 2008
Slang for Mastibation
I couldn't help having a warwick avenue while the Missis was away.
by jon360290 September 16, 2008