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to love ones self/wank/masterbate
all the radio crew love a good warwick avenue!!
by darkmonkuk September 16, 2008
*phone rings*
'hang on a sec i'm just havin' a Warwick Avenue'
'oh right sorry mate'
by meoooow September 16, 2008
having private alone time
when i get to warwick avenue
by ivegotatouchon September 16, 2008
Warwick avenue is British slang for a sexual climax.
"I'm nearly at Warwick Avenue, don't stop"

"I'll take you to Warwick Avenue and back"
by KrazyKristoff September 16, 2008
for a man to be done up the back passage by another man
"he met me at warwick avenue last night"
by lcb. September 16, 2008
A filthy and sordid sexual euphemism made famous by Scott Mills on his equally filthy and sordid radio 1 show.
Oh yeah that Duffy. I'd love to take her up the Warwick Avenue.
by CJ51 RUT September 16, 2008
When you want to talk about anything sexual and theres children around/ in public, use this phrase
Guy :"I went to WARWICK AVENUE last night with my girlfriend.."

Guy2 : "Your lucky, I ended up just having a WARWICK AVENUE on my own.."
by hheelleennaa September 20, 2008