When one wishes to relieve them self of sexual anxiety by giving themselves a hand-job.
"Cor that bird was really fit I had to go home and give myself a warwick avenue..."
by TizzMonkee September 16, 2008
Masturbation of the {Penis}

I had a Warwick Avenue this morning before work
by Mikiki_5262 September 16, 2008
Masturbation, usually male.

Commonly referred to as "having a wank"
"Nick, when did you last have a Warwick Avenue?"
"I had one this morning dude"
by Kate92 September 16, 2008
Masturbate whilst riding on a London tube train.
I was so desparate for a wank I had a crafty Warwick Avenue on the circle line the other day.
by davemacfrombath September 16, 2008
Sorry I didnt answer my phone earlier, I was having a warwick avenue.

''Whats wrong?''
''Mum burst in my room lastnight and caught me having a warwick avenue''
by Nymphelyn September 16, 2008
to love ones self/wank/masterbate
all the radio crew love a good warwick avenue!!
by darkmonkuk September 16, 2008
*phone rings*
'hang on a sec i'm just havin' a Warwick Avenue'
'oh right sorry mate'
by meoooow September 16, 2008

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