Having a 'hand shandy', 'tommy tanking', 'banging one out'
Watching Babestation or Party Girls on Freeview and having a Warwick Avenue while calling the girls
by Chilliman September 16, 2008
often refers to the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the rectum.

Also refered to as 'Up the Duffy'.
Sue: Gary, please will you please take me up Warwick Avenue?

Gary: Erm, Ok - have you got any baby wipes?

by Bumblings September 16, 2008
To have a wank.
Bill: When did you last go to Warwick Avenue?
Tom: Been a while, at least 3 days, you?
Bill: Just this morning :D
by meemz1234 September 16, 2008
masturbation, typically male.
scott: geuss what i did this morning

chappers: what?

scott: i had a warwick avenue :)

chappers: oh me too!!
by radio1 junkie..... September 16, 2008
A term referencing Masturbation. See Wank. Can also be used to describe the climax of a wank.
When I get to Warwick Avenue.
Wow I could do with a Warwick Avenue.
When did you last go for a Warwick Avenue.
by Dan and Tom Woodel September 16, 2008
the act of beating dogs to death whilst walking down a road
person 1:oh man we pulled a warwick avenue yesterday it was so sick!
person 2:don't you mean you walked down warwick avenue?
person 1:no dude i mean we beat this bitch up!
person 2:dude that IS sick!
by radio1listener September 16, 2008
Anal Penetration
Anal sex
Bumming 'The Tube'
I was taking her up the warwick avenue, so I wouldn't get her pregnant.
by pyros444 September 16, 2008

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