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Having a 'hand shandy', 'tommy tanking', 'banging one out'
Watching Babestation or Party Girls on Freeview and having a Warwick Avenue while calling the girls
by Chilliman September 16, 2008
(verb). Slang word used referring to when a one has anal intercourse.

"You want to Warwick Avenue?" (boy 1)
"Sure, meet me by the enterence of my tube"(boy 2).
by scotty2hotty22 September 16, 2008
Think I'll have a quick Warwick Avenue while no ones in
by boaby0069 September 17, 2008
Sorry I didnt answer my phone earlier, I was having a warwick avenue.

''Whats wrong?''
''Mum burst in my room lastnight and caught me having a warwick avenue''
by Nymphelyn September 16, 2008
The act of Onanism
Crickey, I haven't had a jump in ages, my nuts are boucing off my knees, I could do with a 'Warwick Avenue'
by Ogtastic September 17, 2008
often refers to the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the rectum.

Also refered to as 'Up the Duffy'.
Sue: Gary, please will you please take me up Warwick Avenue?

Gary: Erm, Ok - have you got any baby wipes?

by Bumblings September 16, 2008
To have a wank.
Bill: When did you last go to Warwick Avenue?
Tom: Been a while, at least 3 days, you?
Bill: Just this morning :D
by meemz1234 September 16, 2008