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The Warthrag is a beast of unmatched terror. Only called upon in times of unending conflict by the most desperate of men, the warthrag towers over the battlefield, a proverbial juggernaut with no equal in combat. The warthrag has been known to decimate entire armies with its sinister array of armaments. It’s eternal, soulless gaze has driven the most venerable of soldiers to take their own lives. The beasts foul stench alone leaves a swath of lifelessness in its path. The creature has now lain dormant for nearly a millennia.
Van: *burp*
Garrett: you are such a warthrag.
by Pompadour July 01, 2007
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a monster. not to be confused with a lispy 'washrag'.
Correct: Gah! A Warthrag!RUN!!

Incorrect: Fteven, do you know whar the warthrag if? I've got to cleanfe my fafe.
by Garrett Edquist May 25, 2008

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