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Genrally someone who acts like a total tool. A "warth" is someone who tries too hard to fit in. Someone who is a total outcast. Another definition would be a person who seems to be an exceptional failure at sports. One who lacks balance, speed, agility, and everything else involved in participating in a sport. A warth denies any claims of being a tool. I suppose you could say that the term warth is synonymous to the term tool. A warth is someone who lies about miniscule things to make themselves seem cooler. However, they are horrible at convincing the general public that they are speaking the truth and often times get caught lying.
Dude, that kid is a total warth. He hasn't made a sports team all year, lies about all sorts of shit to make himself seem cooler, and he has no friends.
by The AntiTool 3000 July 31, 2008
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