1. The Southern equivalent to the North's "Lock Jaw"

2. (Noun)A condition that occurs when a person has been sucking too much dick, and begins to feel an ache in their jaws. Can sometimes result in "warp" to the jaw, where a person keeps their jaw in a weird position as it tends to relieve the aforementioned ache.

Ex) As I was watching the guy walk down the street I noticed one side of his mouth was slightly contorted, and thought he might be the victim of a stroke. However, upon closer examination I saw his "Girls Kick Ass" T-Shirt and very short cut-off denim shorts, and realized this man was suffering from Warpy Jaw.

Ex 2) Man 1: Dude I really don't want to go see the movie

Man 2: Dude you are such a little warpy jaw bitch!!!
by Kevin57 February 15, 2008
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