bob lives in china but has an uncle from lizuania hu lives in the atlantic sea who unfortunatly got swallowed by a big hairy underwater pimp
wardle has 15 legs and a hover attached to each of his/her arms(12 arms).
by harry wardle October 09, 2006
Top Definition
To meander forth in an unsteady and unsure manner, all the while omitting a noise from the epiglottis somewhat akin to that of a magpie.
1. Check out that sheila as she wardles

2. The way that chick wardles really gets on my goat (see "gets on my goat")
by bigsmooth96 December 01, 2011
they like to move it move it
e.g in the oxford dictionary page 25 line 5 word 2 tht is a wardle 4 ya boyssssssssssss, girlssssssss,ladiessssss, gentlemannnnnnnn,,,,,,

to have fun e.g sexual fun................wardle
by harry wardle October 09, 2006
Wardle: Is the definition of something, or someone that is considered as a loser.

If it is a person, it might enjoy alot of ''pr0n'' and ''h3nta1''.
If it is an object, it is usually used to wash very dirty things
(Like a mop)

Used by computer geeks with a good sense of humor.
Might be used by other ''Wardles'' too.

Wardle Is also an horrible word.

Note. Wardle can be changed to Wordle, Wyrdle or Wurdle if Wardle isn't accepted because of it's unoriginality.
'' Hey Wardle! You're such a loser!! ''
'' Hey Wardle! Stop looking at pr0n!! ''
'' Hey Dude! Pass me the Wardle!! ''
'' Wardle.. Hentai drawings aren't god damn real! ''
by Mistersmile December 10, 2006
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