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Arousal in response to watching or engaging in acts of war or ultimate pwnage. Generally experienced during heroic/impossible feats. Results in a desire to obtain more warboners no matter the material cost. Can lead to warboner addiction resulting in a insatiable desire to invade foreign countries...

Some say that you should contact a physician if experiencing a warboner lasting over 3 hours. However Chuck Norris has had one since birth and seems just peachy
Michelle Rodriguez or the guy who shoots Tsu'tey in the final battle of Avatar....both had uncomfortably big, rigid, veiny, warboners

George Bush invaded Afghanistan and acquired WBA (warboner addiciton) leading to a huge ass deficit as he sold our young men and women to score a bigger warboner
by soulsryummy May 16, 2010
The process of an erection due to being aroused by machine gun fire, explosions, jet engines and large amounts of blood and gore.
As I was massacring my opponents in COD I earned a chopper gunner and the sound of the chain and the propeller meshing together fueled my raging war boner

Dude I noticed in the middle of Apocalypse Now you had a total war boner!
by Valley's Own April 05, 2011
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