An idiotic phrase uttered by an inbred contingent of toothless, pig-humping, nuggle-dragging, hare-lipped, uneducated cretin fucks who tend to reside in the southeastern portion of the state of Alabama.
War Eagle! Jed Judd Bobby Clyde traded me his '63 John Deere fer a by-God case of Red Man!
#hick #cretin #maggot #beastiality #loser
by The Steele Curtain June 24, 2009
A salutation used by members and veterans of the Third Batallion, Eight Infantry Division of the United States Army. This proud unit stood ready in Germany to defend against soviet aggression during the ubiquitous Cold War.
"War Eagles, Sir!"
#u.s. army #germany #3/8 infantry #war eagles #cold war #war #fuck
by Meattruck August 31, 2015
A battle cry most often heard during the fall Football season where it strikes fear into the hearts of any football team unfortunate enough to be against the Auburn Tigers.
"War Eagle fly down the field"
by name September 24, 2004
In half of Alabama during Auburn football games, this phrase, occasionally with a "damn" inserted between "war" and "Eagle", and depending on alcohol consumption, can be used as a substitute for:
"Hello", "Goodbye", "Get me another drink!", "We're Winning the game!", "Want to be my new drinking buddy?", "Let's hook up", "Welcome to America", "Encore!", and "I'm so happy"
The sound of the couple's bickering got louder as a crowd began to gather around them in front of the bars on College Street, that is until the guy swallowed his pride, said he was sorry and tearfully embraced his girl friend by saying "I love you baby. War Eagle."
#auburn #drunks #alabama #the south #football culture #tiger of a bookstore -grrrrrrrrrr!
by Arvilgon September 13, 2007
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