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First name of the express pace fast bowler from Pakistan, Waqar Younis.
He is acknowledged as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game, he became well known for a slick long run up, whippy sling type action, extreme pace and lethal swing. From the early 1990's he caused mayhem with high speed pace bowling, the use of reverse swing, ability to take wickets and his impressive strike rates. He also bowled in tandem with another fast bowler Wasim Akram and they remain the most successful bowling combination in the history of the game. Together they also changed the focus of fast bowling to concentrate bowling a full length wicket to wicket at the stumps or attacking the batsman rather than the traditional use of short of a length bowling outside the line of off stump.
He was a natural strong athlete who was spotted and groomed by the great Imran Khan. His stock trade mark delivery was the Waqar Younis inswinging yorker, it became one of best sights to view in all its glory on a cricket pitch. A charismatic individual who played the game competitively, keenly and professionally Waqar Younis also gained many fans and admirers, including Usain Bolt (the Jamaican sprinter) who regarded Waqar Younis as a hero and enjoyed watching him bowl.
“Bowled him, yorked, Waqar again.”

It was swift and it was swinging in right onto his toe. He’s been Waqared.
“Waqar could even destroy the English batting line-up if he bowls with an orange” quoted legend Geoff Boycott.
by Cricket Buff September 10, 2009
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one of the nicest, stupidest, most considerate boys ever -- the other hallum twin
it's too bad all guys weren't made with waqar's personality
by soph November 11, 2004
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Common name for a guy who loves to take dick.

Synonymous to: Queer, Loda, and someone who isn't a man.

#BeAMan #BigDickSmallMeat
Yo I was at a party and there was this guy touching himself while watching this gay couple makeout!

He was such a waqar.
by Urban Dictionary Board October 29, 2015
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