-A fanboy since childhood

-anyone who wants to learn Japanese just for the sake that "It's Japanese, I love it"
by YOU = TEH WAPANESE October 06, 2003
Those who think Japan and the Japanese culture is superior to all other countries and cultures in every shape, way, and form. The Wapanese will try to use their own language (mostly English fan boys and fan girls) in combination with their own language. They also learned their amazing Japanese language from watching anime with a lot of tentacle porn too. Most Wapanese people don't know what they're saying in Japanese most of the time except for the common words like Kawaii, Desu, and Baka. The Wapanese will seek Japanese women to date, and most likely stalk them. All Wapanese people are unleeb (see Leeb) and deserve to be banned from space (see space core from portal). If they wanna see a leeber, they must buy a telescope, Especially made with the Da Fanni camo (also known as the Kawaii camo from Black Ops 2).
Guy1: Hey nick, where are you going?

Nick: To the new Animecon. It's so Kawaii Desu

Guy1: You sound like a faggot you're not even Japanese

Nick: You're Baka Desu. I'm going to go heat a good artist like Hatsune Miku

Guy1: Lilwayne is ashamed of you now. You must be Wapanese.
by OpTiC L33Ber August 05, 2013

Of or relating to any people of Anglo-Saxon decent who, by self-declaration, are pure Japanese.


1. Any person who declares him or herself Japanese without any relation to Japan or the continent of Asia.
2. An individual of Anglo-Saxon decent who declares him or herself pure Japanese after watching a 10 hour Pokemon marathon.
3. Any individual with an unhealthy obsession with Japanese culture without a reasonable amount of knowledge about Japan.
Billy, the Wapanese, proudly declared himself an otaku after watching twenty-four hours of Evangelion and learning how to write "watashi" in romanji.
by me February 21, 2004
Is basically a very nasty word for defining western people who like japanese stuff such as anime, decora/lolita fashion and J-Pop.
And they are scrutinized for liking hello kitty and pokemon although most young girls have grown up with the merchandise from both brands.
-'Hey what's your style?'
-'Oh it's decora...it's from japan!'
-'OMG you're so wapanese! that's so lame!'
by Kiki Tom February 17, 2009
The Wapanese are an ethnic minority scattered throughout parts of Western Europe and the United States of Canada. The Wapanese, or "MaSsIvE oTaKu ^_^" as they sometimes refer to themselves, are an ethnic minority, but usually emerge from rich white families that originate from Western Europe. These Wapanese reject their race and common sense by deciding they will become Japanese. These Wapanese people spend thousands of dollars buying cheap garbage from Japan and spend most of their time watching anime.

The Wapanese, throughout their 3 years of existance, have been persecuted. Unlike other persecuted minorities, nobody missed them.
Regard the Wapanese female over yonder. She is overweight and drooling over some yaoi animu buttsecks.
by Ninja337 January 03, 2007
"White Japanese" literally. Pertains to Caucasians (myself included) who find Japan's culture superior to the homeland's culture. Activities include assimilating ourselves to the traditions, language and customs of Japan as a surrogate to the fullest extent possible.
Konnichewa everybody! Wapanese for life!
by Piranha July 07, 2006

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