It can be have several meaning depending on how it is used.

It is commonly used to describe someone with an Unhealthy obsession with Japan and Japanese culture. They can sometimes be refered to as Japanophiles or weeabos.

It can also be used to describe some who is half caucasian and Japanese.

Although more commonly they are used to describe the ones with an unhealthy obsession. You know its an unhealthy obsession when you refuse to watch tv that is not of Japanese origin or in Japanese. Refuse to read something that is not or Japanese origin. Refuse to listen to music that is not J-pop etc. Refusing to do anything not related to Japanese culture.

They can be found almost anywhere. They are commonly found in anime conventions cosplaying as an anime character.

They can also be found slaughtering the language. Usually stringing random Japanese words in an english sentence.

They are often looked down upon for slaughtering the language and culture.

Most wapanese will only know the words "baka" "Kawaii" and "desu"

Most wapanese know very little about Japanese culture.

Yes Wapanese, there is more to the culture than manga, anime and sushi.
-I threw up when I saw a wapanese.

-Oh my god, I am a wapanese.
by krnhsgw July 10, 2008
the bitch in your class that says "konichiwa" when the teacher calls attendace. T They also are in "otaku-otaku" club, drawing the same animations that look exactly the same as many drawings before them, and believe that Kingdom Hearts is on the same level as Ocarina of Time. Also, they go out of there way to accentuate the facta that they are playing Pokemon yellow version on their gameboy color. In reality, these people live in the whiteset families of america and have probably never set foot in japan, let alone any other asian country
All the people listed in my year book in the wapanese club(otaku-otaku) are also on my "im gonna knife those crakas some day" list
by Dr.RosenPeenus October 22, 2007
THe word can also apply to ricers, since they have an obsession with Japanese cars and they "modify" them into neon-lighted, over-painted, Kanji-decorated, bigass exhaust-pipe, low-chassis monstrosities that can't even go over a speed bump without taking serious damage. And thanks to crappy racing movies like The Fast and the Furious, we now have a big explosion of backward capped, baggy-pants-wearing nerds who will mutilate otherwise good Japanese cars just to be "the shizzle".
Damn. Look at what that Wapanese did to his mom's Honda Civic. The chassis is scraping against the road, the pink and green paintjob is flaking off, and there are so many headlights installed that it would permanently blind any oncoming traffic.
by middle finger January 20, 2004
Contraction for 'Wanna Be Japanese'
Also used as a contraction for 'White Japanese'. Used to descrive people of Western Decent who share an unusual affinity all things japanese, such things as Anime, Drifting, and those horrid novelty shops. Hold themselves in high regard because of their high knowledge of japanese culture. Viewed by everyone else as try-hards. 80% of Wapanese people learn japanese at some stage in their lives.

'Wapanese is what Rage wants to be'
by PooJou July 12, 2003
A wannabe Japanese person. Many of the definitions found here are somewhat distorted in some way. A wapanese is completely obsessed with Japan, imports pocky and other such Japanese products, and often speaks Japanglish.

Someone who watches anime/reads manga is not necessarily a wapanese.

Someone who draws "chibi" art is not necessarily a wapanese.

Loving Japanese men/women is not necessarily being wapanese, it's actually a paraphilia known as xenophilia.
Yeah, I used to watch Inuyasha a lot, but it's getting a little boring and I stopped watching it.

I love chibis! They're pretty cute, if I do say so myself. And since "chibi" is the name for it, I'm not using the wapanese language of Japanglish.

I think I'm a xenophile. Although I'm black, I love Japanese/ Korean/ Filipino/ Chinese/ Vietnamese men but I could care less about imported Japanese products!
by Dove's Touch September 08, 2006
A person, or persona who unhealthily partakes in parts of Japanese culture, society or history.
Chris Savic is Wapanese.
by xAXISx June 18, 2005
Someone that excessively consumes anime. A potential fapanese.
"Man, did you hear about Alfred? With the shit he's downloading lately he's gonna cross over from wapanese to fapanese in no time!"
by WatermeloNiggar July 02, 2005

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