step below wigga, but step above wiccan.
a wapanese owns DVDs of Fight! Iczer-One or Galaxy Express 999.
by stalepie April 04, 2006
An Italian who is otaku. The term wap is mainly known as term for people of Italian descent. Wapanese is another term for wasian but only applies to waps or Italians.
An Italian person who obsessed over specific Animes or Japanese pop culture, he is a Wapanese.
by loli-chan May 20, 2006
Okay, first off, anime is by far not "little kid animation" as some of the afformentioned definitions of Wapenese describe. Anime is in fact of higher quality than American animation, and contains notably 1) a plot; 2)a soundtrack that can be enjoyed; 3)character shading. Just because it is animated doesn't make it crap, f00.

While Wapanese kiddos are generally social outcast who are fat, pimply, and greesy (oh, and think hentai is sexually stimulating), there are people interested in Japan or anime who are in fact, not Wapanese. Wapanese is what Wapanese people call "otaku," which is an incorrect definition of the word (otaku means house).
Anyhow, a Wapanese is in fact a white kid who thinks that he is Japanese, or follows a majority of these traits:

1. Believes that he or she will marry a very hot Japanese man or woman.

2. Cosplays, ie. dresses as an anime character.

3. Pays money to go to an Anime Convention.

4 Uses Japanese words or phrases in internet speak or everyday life, even though he or she can't understand, read, or whatever Japanese.

5. Believe that they aren't white, but in fact, are. (Um...okay)
by Rekki May 17, 2005
a guy/girl who is half caucasion half Japanese. He's insanely cool and usually pretty hot. Theyre usually rich, too.
Brian is the coolest Wapanese I know!
by KateKT December 22, 2005
Who the hell wants to be japanese? fuck japan,besides the fact they're like 10 times smarter and more efficient than americans
pearl harbor pearl harbor pearl harbor
by joe pope February 26, 2005
A white guy who dates (fucks) a Japanese chick and makes all the little Japanese men jealous.
I'm 38 and still jerking off because of the wapanese.
by na November 27, 2004
Word used by narrow-minded, usually popular, usually white male high school student (who, coincidently, usually try to be black), to describe people who like anime. People who use this term usually use it because it's "un-cool" to like anime, because it's 'kids stuff'. These people have never sat down and watched an actually good anime, such as Evangelion, Hellsing, X/1999, Cowboy Bebop, or Trigun. Can usually be spotted by their skate punk clothes, shaved head, and *coughtinydickcough*.
All anime r teh s uck! I have a tiny little baby dick!
by Nosferatu June 25, 2003

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