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What Wapanese kids believe to be the actual culture of Japan.

Days in Japan are spent watching Anime while eating Pocky. The only music popular in Japan is the kind that comes Anime, and occasionaly some J-rock. The only books found in the stores and libaries are Manga.

On the street everyone greets each other with an obnoxious "Konnichiwa" or "Ohayo" while holding a peace sign next to their eyes.

Everyone's wardrobe consists of a Japanese School Uniform mixed in with either bright "Kawaii" colorful clothes, or nothing but black gothic clothing that is still "Kawaii". Also everyone spends their weekends in a cosplay outfit from their favorite Manga or Anime.

Japanese people wake up everyday hoping that this is the day Westerners come to their country. They can't wait to welcome them with open arms so they can talk about Anime, and have conversations that contain the 5 Japanese words that Wapanese kids know.

Otakon is this culture main holiday. When Wapanese kids flock to the Baltimore Convention Center to see what they believe is Japan.
You can get a taste of Wapanese Culture at Otakon.
by Flixie May 10, 2011
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