frequently misused and masturbated wrongly vagina of the unclean type, can be connected to a slut of the stevenage variety
used wanny for sale, frequently serviced and low mileage, 50p or nearest offer
by KliffArd not clifford August 20, 2003
Top Definition
Wanny = Fanny = Cunt.
usually used to insult other people for doing something stupid or for just being a cunt.
also can be used to describe anything annoying or stupid.
Person: He is such a wanny
Place: France is a wanny country
Time: Christmas is a wanny
by Scott Bartlett October 04, 2006
Wanny is generally used to describe a sexy female.
I'm all over that bit of Wanny.
I'm gonna go chirps some Wanny tonight.
I came inside a Wanny last night.
by mossymossmoss January 14, 2009
To play a first person shooter game(codmw2) in a crazy manner only using the knife/melee whilst shouting german profanities!
Ah man i just got wannied!

I'm gonna do a wanny on their asses!
by Wiggyman August 23, 2010
A fanny wedgie
I just gave Alice the biggest wanny
by gay_edmondo April 28, 2009
When someone is whining about anything that doesn't go their way. A person who complains or only notices the negatives in a situation.
Brother: Why do we have to go to the mall today? We just went last week!
Sister: Stop being such a wanny. It's so annoying!
by tay1109 May 10, 2011
Being a pussy/whiney/wimpy. Usually used for males, however is not gender specific
Ugh, Greg is SUCH a wanny for not coming out tonight.

Stop being a wanny and finish your beer!

by KCLACY March 19, 2008
an object without function, usually a discarded piece of food or a useless component from some larger assembly of objects.
'look at that wanny some dumb shit's fly tipped by the roadside'
'mind you don't step in that pile of wanny'
by msyrinx May 08, 2007
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