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frequently misused and masturbated wrongly vagina of the unclean type, can be connected to a slut of the stevenage variety
used wanny for sale, frequently serviced and low mileage, 50p or nearest offer
by KliffArd not clifford August 20, 2003
Wanny = Fanny = Cunt.
usually used to insult other people for doing something stupid or for just being a cunt.
also can be used to describe anything annoying or stupid.
Person: He is such a wanny
Place: France is a wanny country
Time: Christmas is a wanny
by Scott Bartlett October 04, 2006
A fanny wedgie
I just gave Alice the biggest wanny
by gay_edmondo April 28, 2009
Wanny is generally used to describe a sexy female.
I'm all over that bit of Wanny.
I'm gonna go chirps some Wanny tonight.
I came inside a Wanny last night.
by mossymossmoss January 14, 2009
To play a first person shooter game(codmw2) in a crazy manner only using the knife/melee whilst shouting german profanities!
Ah man i just got wannied!

I'm gonna do a wanny on their asses!
by wiggymania August 23, 2010
When someone is whining about anything that doesn't go their way. A person who complains or only notices the negatives in a situation.
Brother: Why do we have to go to the mall today? We just went last week!
Sister: Stop being such a wanny. It's so annoying!
by tay1109 May 10, 2011
Being a pussy/whiney/wimpy. Usually used for males, however is not gender specific
Ugh, Greg is SUCH a wanny for not coming out tonight.

Stop being a wanny and finish your beer!

by KCLACY March 19, 2008
A vagina, pussy, gash, twat, minge, flower, lady part, sideways smile, rat, axe wound, muff, twinkle, flu flu, box, badly stuffed kebab, growler....
Lydia has a flappy wanny.

Harry needs some wanny.
by Roslyn Matthews February 09, 2008