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A wannabe nerd is someone that is similar to a geek as in they are not as intelligent as a regular nerd however, a wannabe nerd is someone who is most likely an arrogant jerk whom will constantly try to boast his or her intelligence in your face. A wannabe nerd usually is well aware that they are not nearly as intellectual as they claim, which therefore causes them utmost insecurity which ultimately results increased bragging. Wannabe nerds are often hard to detect, as to the casual non-nerdy observer, they may appear to be highly intellectual. However, any true nerd is capable of making the distinction. Wannabe Nerds are often characterized by their arrogance, "Smarter than you" attitude, claiming extreme interest and talent in subjects which they obviously understand minuscule amounts of, and their (often improper) use of extravagant words in order to make themselves appear smarter.
Nerd: Homework is done, I'm just goin' home to play a game of Fallout 3...

Wannabe Nerd: Oh, what a waste of precious time. My education means far more to me. I shall spend the night reading non-fiction. I guess I just like nerdy activities, too much...

(no, not really. I'm just saying that because I know you're smarter than me and it pisses me off).
by Leto172010 June 03, 2010
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Someone who thinks (s)he's a nerd and most of all wants to be it, but doesn't have what it takes. Someone who might look like the part but isn't smart enough.
Wanna be nerd explains how the computer works from a handbook rather than from memory.
by Paula3 September 03, 2008
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1. n. An individual who does nerdy stuff like playing 8 hours of WoW a day, but is not smart. Usually the lowest of the low, seeing as real nerds don't need to act that nerdy.
1. John: Hey isn't that kid a nerd?
Bob: No, he isn't. He's not smart at all, he just skips school to play LoL all day. He's just a wannabe nerd.
by realnurd161 October 05, 2012
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Someone who collects baseball cards, rare coins, stamps, artwork, or anything else that sets them aside from mainstream, non-nerdy people, while also rejecting traditional trappings of nerdom.

The wanna-be nerd, for instance, will have nothing to do with fantasy, role-playing games, and science fiction; in fact, they may actually be unable to tell apart such great examples of nerdy sci-fi as Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and/or Doctor Who.
Tim: "Why didn't you invite Paul to the Star Wars party? He's a nerd, too."

Bob: "No way, man, he's just a wanna-be-nerd...he spends all his time blogging about his baseball cards and he's never even SEEN Star Wars!"
by Queen of the Tribbles July 08, 2011
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A more severe case of "wannabe nerd", wherein the wannabe can't spell to save their life and this definition calls out such failings while also denoting the lack of nerdskills.
"Kris is such a wannabenerd, he can't even spell blackmale!"
by Hextreme October 10, 2012
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