Annoying blonde girl called Hannah...
Hannah:"Got any good bands i havent heard of?"
Me:Fuck off wannabe.
by Iron eddie April 29, 2005
As used in modern urban conversation, the term refers to a white person who tries to emulate black people in order to appear hip or ghetto.

See also: wigger
Any 15-year old teenage white male who wears his pants down around his knees, wears a sports jersey and gold jewelry, and insists on blaring rap music at all hours of the day and night is a wannabe.

Also, any white person attempting to say something like fo' shizzle my nizzle.
by John Blair April 19, 2004
Things to look for :

-Pronounce names such as Makayla MAH - KY - LAH
words like me MEH or okay OH-KY

-straight , usually dark brown hair.

-lots of black friends.

-wears Aero or (usually) Wet Seal clothing

-beaded necklaces (the ones you would wear to Mardi Gras)

-Big damgly earrings.

-Lots of bracelets.

-NOW POPULAR : Skinny jeans

-Boots with fur.

-Glossy Lip gloss, that is very shiny.

-Often calls people jockers.

-Tries to fit in with other black people.

-Forgets/ignores white people.

-Will only date black people.

-Usually straight.

-Extensive vocab of unusual words or phrases that can only be seen through

-Always creating 'new' styles, even though they have been around for decades.

If more than 10 apply to you , or one of your friends , you are a POSER !

She is such a poser , and tries to deny it all the time. And, she is white. What a wannabe.
by What the buck February 23, 2009
1) My friend Rosie...
Wannabe Rosie: Omg...Blah...blah...McFly...Blah...Blah...My Family...Blah Blah...Elliott Minor...
by ElectroGirl August 10, 2008
A person who thinks that they have the right to talk about people who they don't like. Most of the time these people can't even say what they want to a persons face instead they say it behind someone's back... or they type it on the internet. When in all actuality they are really jealous of the person and want to be more like them.
There are alot of wanna be's who wish they where more like the clamjabls!
by lilkv October 13, 2006
somebody who goes on urban dictionary to find out what a word means so they can use it and be cool
every one on this site is a wanna be, anyone from the ghetto doesnt need this gay sh!t
by whoRu? June 28, 2006
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