1. All 13-23 year olds who want to be with the "in crowd" and give into the peer pressure rather than who they really are.

2. A song by our favorite wannabe talented girl group, the Spice Girls.
1. Did ya hear all of those wannabes saying fizzle my nizzle?

2. If you wanna be my lover....
by muggles76 February 27, 2004
A wannabe is a person who feels the need to act like someone else. They will agree with everything you say {{even if they disagree}}, pretend to like the things you like, and try to be you. In some cases, they go as far as dressing like you, getting the same hair style, and even worshiping you. They are annoying and pathetic, not someone you would want following your every move. Wannabes can even be classified as stalkers. In order to save your image and mental health, it is advised that you steer clear of such people.
OMG Becky! Did you see her trying to fit in with that rapper's girlfriend? She's such a wannabe!
by Kitty Claire June 05, 2011
Someone who wants to be a gangsta
that kid chris huff is a wanna-be
by PIMPDADDYSAM July 03, 2004
A wannabe iron maiden fan wears iron maiden fan t-shirts and stuff like that.
You ask them something about iron maiden and they can't tell u anything.
They buy iron maiden cd's and they make u think that they are 'true' fans,but well they aren't.
Though i am not an iron maiden fan,i know a lot of people who are in my school who are wannabe iron maiden fans.
It's a VIRUS all around the world....
If u aren't a true iron maiden fan please stop trying...there are lots of things u can do.
But things like that gets on my nerves,i surely think it also gets on iron maiden fans' nerves.
Iron Maiden fan: have u heard 'a matter of life and death'.
Fake: .....oh...yes
Iron Maiden fan (to fake): what's the name of Iron Maiden's vocalist?
Fake: mmmmm....don't know but i think his name is keith richards...
Iron Maiden fan: you're wrong and stop being a loser,listen to other music,wannabe,he's name is Bruce Dickinson.
by muse1992 September 09, 2007
White people who act like black people. IE: Rap, wear bling, buy and wear hoodies, and say the N word repedatly around black people.

White guy: Yo dogz, I just been sittin up in tha hood pimpin' up my bitches, foo!

Black guy 1: We gonna cap yo ass, sucka'.
Black guy 2: Racist cracka'.
Black guy 1: Damn Wanna Be's.
by Vick Kipneis January 02, 2007
1.Someone who wishes they are someone that they're not.

2. A poser. Usually someone who refers to themselves as goth, scene, or emo.
Yes I am a wannabe.

I wish I was Hermione Granger...
by gryffindorpride July 26, 2011
someone who tries to be popular by wearing abercrombie, being a poser, & trying to act cool. no matter how hard they try, they'll also be a shitty poser.
jessica the alpha: heyy brittany!! did u see isadora's juicy dress? she is such a wannabe!! she actually thinks she can be accepted into our group!! UGH!!

brittany: i did see her!! i hate her!! UGH!!
by hollisterchick1994 April 06, 2009

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