A phony/a fake. good examples of wannabes are all those fake rappers who try to be real rappers eg. Tupac Skakur or Biggie Smalls.
Tha Realist, Ja Rule, Blac Haze, Master P, C Murder and Krazy = TUPAC WANNABES

Shyne and Guerilla Black = BIGGIE SMALLS WANNABES


Angelous - JAY-Z WANNABE
by Ashleigh Keys April 17, 2008
An incredibly cheesy and pointless song by the spice girls which uses made up words such as "zig-a-zig", and overall; sounds as if it was written by a 6 year old. Which it probably was, seeing as most girl bands don't write their own lyrics. The title of the song is also slightly ironic, as a wannabe is someone who aspires to be something they are not; rather like victoria beckham.
If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends (8)
by Slice girls March 11, 2008
Anyone who makes an attempt to emulate another person/subculture/lifestyle; usually done to look cool, make friends, or to get attention. More often than not a wannabe is either insecure and wants to find their niche in society or they are just craving attention. These groups include "prep", "gangsta", "goth", "emo", "nerd", and "redneck" ("goth" and "emo" being the most popular). It all starts out when the wannabe sees a certain group as cool and then they try to adopt the style/attitude/musical taste of that group. This normally results in ridicule and the disgust of the people they try to be like.
Example 1:

For starters, whoever posted entry #10 here. I think I know who you are and the person you are talking about... thats not a very nice thing to say about one of your fellow bandmates, now is it?

Example 2:

Seth (emo): Hey... you know that Jacob kid, right?

Henry (another emo): Yeah what about him?

Seth: Well.. he kept staring at me all week last week and today at school he had the same shoes as yours and the same haircut I have.. and he keeps trying to talk to me about how cool Hawthorne Heights and MCR are.

Henry: Dude... thats f*cked up. What a wannabe!
by Ashleigh*yelhsa December 02, 2007
People, especially in middle school, who try to be like the cool kids. These certain people often end up being ditched by their larger group of friends. In general, wannabes aren't liked or desired, and often considered annoying by a majority.
Omg, Nicole is such a wannabe.
Guys don't like wannabes.
by pink1234567 June 09, 2009
a person who grew up in a certain enviroment their whole life and then tries to imitate a certian style that's can never happen in their own enviroment
man look at those wannabe's from the burbs thinking they can fit in the hood
by kid-G August 08, 2006
a way that people speak when they want to be cool or gangsta like.
Frankie; Saffeee Braaavv Youu Kooool
Keelee; God Frankie Your Suh A wannabe
Frankie; And Wat Brruuv Ennit.
Keelee; No Frankie Just No. Your Not A Gangster.
Frankie; Sukk Owwt Fam.
by Keelee & Frankie :P March 30, 2010
Someone that thinks their a goth or a chav when they are clearly not and think that if they act all gothic then then will be labeled and have the greatest day of their life! i am labeled as a goth and an emo, and i dnt like it so if you are a wannabe stop as it is gay and stupid, be yourself as it ROCKS xx xxx xx
Loser: omg do you like the new PANIC! on the dancefloors new album.
Other loser: hell yeah i like fall out babe, they rock!
Loser: i no we're such rebels!

by Xmylovelesswristsx May 16, 2006
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