A wannabe :
an individual who tries really hard to be someone their not, often by copying others
those little kids that shop at tammy. they buy those black flared pants saying "bad girl" and then claim their goth
someone attempting to emulate a person or genre of people but failing and earning the disgust of those he is attempting to become like
you try to be a punk, but youre just a wannabe emo fucker. go dead, please.
by vexator February 18, 2003
Another person trying to imitate another. Most of the time for "popularity" or to get rid of their insecurity.
Wanna be Goth, Wanna be Prep... etc.
Jamiey is such a wanna be!
by McKenzieLee December 19, 2005
Some-one who acts like and wishes they are of a certain clique, but in truth arent, often they fill the more complex criteria of the clique, but miss the defining quality. Their character often seems forced.
A wannabe pimp will dress himself in flashy clothes, jewlery etc, will act cocky and de-meaning of females, like they own them...but in truth have never had a girlfriend, never been close to getting anywhere with a girl and probably never will.

A wannabe gansta will listen to 50 cent all day, dress in a rebelious hip-hop fashion and talk like their 'dope'. However they would probably cry to their mommies if they ever saw a gun and would be too scared to touch any form of drug or illegal good.
Look at those ghetto wannabes, they live in mansions for f*ck sake!
by Rhys Jones November 02, 2006
Song by the British girl band "Spice Girls". Openly catalogued as "crap", this song is everyone who was born between 1985 and 1995's musical core. Even if they don't accept it.
Excerpt from the song:

"If you wannabe my lover
You gotta get with my friends
Make it last forever
Friendship never e-ends"
by FGG October 16, 2006
Wannabes appear in almost every social layer without reference to its cultural roots.
The word is a compound of "wanting" and "being" obviously, it can be interpreted as " to want to be", coll.: wanna be.

The wannabe himself is mainly a coincidental product of bigotry in combination with success the perverse wannabe met with in fact of a lucky streak or an immoral act.
Because of their narrow attitude to life wannabes can't realize their own incapability and, by mistake, reckon their whole past as the logical consequence of their absolute superiority towards other people.
In other words, those people are severely lacking of self-perception, receive backstrokes rarely and are neither able to revise the reasons for a failure (if occurred) nor for success.

A common indication of a wannabe is an abnormal and
and exaggerated self-confidence due to his/her utter self-overestimation.
Additionally, wannabes are behaving arrogantly and become exuberantly stubborn when they are alluded to their moronic self-perception, while criticism can cause them to overreact.

Wannabes are more often than not egoists, they like deceiving themselves and wannabes don't really care for others they can't profit from.

Finally, a wannabe's loss of reality makes him/her fail anytime and prevents him/her from having a fulfilled life, if he/she will ever become aware of the reality.
Wannabe's typicall acts.

Every participant of american idol who was kicked out with scorn.

People who drive 10-year-old middle class cars but fancy to drive a tuned sports car, with them as professional drivers.

Someone who calls himself proficient, although he never had to face real trouble.

Somebody comprehending himself/herself as a DJ just because he/she can turn on the stereo system and increase the volume.

Everyone who associates himself with the discriptons above and doesn't want to believe it - Thinking: "Bullshit! I'm the greatest! The author was merely a loser!" etc .

by antiwannabe January 24, 2006
A stupid little loser who tries to be something they're not and fit in with a particular group, usually they try to be "goth" or metal.
Taylor Rutherford is such a wannabe!
by A person you don't know November 12, 2006
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