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A fat, ugly girl who surrounds herself with ugly losers and flirts with them. Also flirts with women, for she is THAT desperate. Is under the false impression that having unlimited texting makes you queen of the world. Pretends to be dumb and innocent. Flirts with your best friend, your boyfriend, your friend's boyfriend, your friend's GIRLfriend, and every other thing that has two legs and walks upright. Besides dinosaurs.
Did you see _______ flirting with him yesterday? She's not even pretty! Talk about being a wannabe whore.
by don'tyoujusthatethatbitch?omg. October 07, 2010
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Someone that claims to have fucked people but in fact can't get any.
"That Becky is a real wanna-be whore!"
by that guy2 January 21, 2009
"friend" who tries to steal guys who aren't interested in her and make fun of her behind her back; desperate slut; ELISE
Eww look at that wannabe whore all over Brandon, Erik, Dan, and Ryan.
by Natalie and Terri October 17, 2004

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