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The hopeless teenage boys you see at stores and online who desperately try to look like Justin Bieber to gain attention. Though they will act like they make fun of him, they secretly want to have sex with him.
Girls hanging around you: OH WOW THAT BOY IS SOOO HAWT!

You: Nah, just a WannaBieber cunt.
by ViewtifulJoey June 16, 2010
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A person who Acts/Looks like Justin Bieber,
or attempts to disguise themselves as Justin Bieber.
This sometimes happens with teenage boys who think that if they act/look like Justin Bieber then they have a chance at getting laid.
Kid - Woah! My friend John totally looks like Justin Bieber!
Other Kid - Pshhh... What a Wannabieber...
by stldrummer February 21, 2011
Teenage guys who try desperately to look like Justin Bieber. Bieber wanna-be's; wanna-biebers.
Look at that guy's perfect windblown hair...what a wanna-bieber.
by breezy-licious August 31, 2010
Someone who looks, acts, sings, or dances like Justin Bieber. This includes, but is not limited to, a new Bieber-like haircut, random chick-like dancing, or obsessive squeaky-voiced singing.
Brock: Did Mason get a haircut?
Jordan: Yeah, he's such a wannabieber
by Duh, Winning June 15, 2011
A pathetic teenage boy who imitates Justin Bieber in the hope that they will be more likely to get girls. Usually has swishy hair and sings Justin songs to himself.
Have you seen Tom's new hairstyle? He is such a wanna bieber.
by waggawagga99 August 09, 2010
Someone who greatly resembles Justin Beiber.

Ie: Hairstyle, Clothing, etc.
"I Went To The Mall Yesterday N Saw A WannaBieber Trying To Talk To Some Chick"
by Kokujoman November 06, 2011

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