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Highly FICTIONALIZED and EXAGGERATED "autobiography" of Eric J. Wang, Asian creeper notorious for secretly taking pictures of girls on his iPhone, that is sold on

Eric Wang is driven, dedicated, and determined to see his life's aspiration come to fruition. Every aspect of his life revolves around self-improvement – physical, spiritual, and mental. But at the core of every fiber in his body is a monomaniacal drive to get women, a desire that has transformed him from simple, middle-class, Asian male to the Diamond Liger King.

How does he do it? What makes him tick? This mostly autobiographical work tracks Eric's transformation, as he endeavors on a quest to have sex with every hot chick he encounters. It is indeed his shameless, open approach that invites a wide variety of societal labels, all but the one that he feels he truly deserves - a fat-shredding badass who's first and foremost true to himself and his best friend Phu.

Honest review:
"Wanna Hook Up With Me? is garbage. Poorly written on a subject matter that makes him look like a sexual predator. Avoid the 5 star reviews- if you not they were all written about the same time by his buddies to make him look good. This book proves any moron can write a so called 'book'"
Wanna Hook Up With Me? is garbage!

Wanna Hook Up With Me? is the Bible of Sexual Predation!
by COOLDUDE69 November 17, 2013
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