Indulgent, pretentious, simultaneously showy and useless.
"That 8-minute guitar solo was incomparably wanky"
by R.B. September 07, 2004
Top Definition
Wanky (wah-aye-enn-key): adj. Word used to describe moments of great sexual attraction and sexual tension.

Used by the one and only Santana lopez.
That Brittany, she is so wanky
by Brittanaislovebitches February 25, 2011
Masturbatory, typically describes boring music, like 3 minute guitar solos. See also wankish.
"I can't listen to a lot of metal, it has too many wanky solos. I don't give a shit how many hours a day you practice."
by Danny Delinquent December 22, 2003
means something useless, boring, stupid or pointless
this topic is so wanky
by lovechild56 April 07, 2010
Anything used to collect semen after masterbatory ejaculation. Such as towels, kleenex, old socks etc.
"I cleaned my room the other day, man there were a lot of Wankies under my bed."
by Christoper M Norton May 12, 2006
winking seductively while having sex
taffy liked wankies
by that smart asshole June 01, 2016
the proprietory brand of paper handerchiefs found under the bed of a wanker ready for any nocturnal emissions to avoid the need to zoffle. individually wrapped in packets of 3 (Weekend Wankies) 7 (Weekly Wankies) and 25 (Cant Get a Girlfriend Wankies). Wankies are normally bought by men with extremely well developed biceps, poor eyesight and an unhealthy interest in librarys. NB Please note the health warning on the Wankies packet emphasising the need to dispose of used Wankies before the splooge genetically mutates and engulfs an area the size of New Mexico
" I can't wait for the weekend, I've got my bongomags, a tub of vaseline and enough Wankies to clog up the Potomac River"
by Bobman UK October 25, 2006
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