a nickname for a quick wank
leave me in my room im going for a wanko
by fartinyourmouth July 03, 2011
Top Definition
Australian slang used to describe a person of the name dropping or flashy variety. Derived from the term wanker Similar to Eurotrash. Wankos tend to have insatiable egos, can lack social manners and tact (unlike JC); Will often commit social faux pas in the name of vanity.

Singular; Wanko.
"Yes I'd love to go to the Ivy, but lately it's been full of Wankos"

"Check out that Wanko haircut"
by BettyLashes007 July 28, 2010
like a smoko where a short break was given for a smoke, but instead of smoking one masturbates
Yes! that was the bell for break, time for my wanko.
by Pat November 12, 2004
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