a word unlike any other word, one with meaning not of pervertedness but yet meaning that of nothing. Stands for anything at all and the true meaning can only be assumed yet never spoken.
BoB-What you up to?
Joe-Just wanking it.
#wank #wanking #wankin #wanksta #nothing
by Jelthi April 19, 2007
1- the act of spanking the monkey
can also be used very effectively with other words to get your point accross with no mistakes such as "your maws got baws yah dog wanking fuckstick"
i find this tends to work ;-)
by pax September 15, 2003
the motion when a fat kid walks
hey look at bryce! hes totally wanking!
#fapping #masturbating #jacking off #wenking #wank #fap #jacking
by Jizzle! December 02, 2008
I'm going to have a wank.
No the new term is 'being spiteful to naomi'
by Neg July 30, 2004
to stroke or "wank" your genitalia
I was wanking last night
by pussy fart 321 March 01, 2016
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