Like masturbation, only dirtier. Mainly performed by: 1) Men of any age fantasizing about having sex (usually) with someone famous or someone who wouldn't have real sex with them in a million years. 2) What your mother does to men to feed her drug habbit. 3) A perfectly normal act ensuring your mother has to look at weird stains on your underwear and sheets. 4) An act usually performed whilst lying on a single bed with your eyes tight shut. 5) Something you do when bored. 6) An act that makes you believe you're the best lover in the world....or you will be when you start having sex for real. 7) Something that old guy down the road made you do to him for a bag of sweets. 8) Something every male does, but no-one admits to it. 9) An act that usually ends with the participant saying, "YES!" or "EWWW!" depending on the angle of the penis. 10) What you're doing right now as you read these definitions of wanking...
"I refute all allegations that I was out of order. Wanking at a funeral is perfectly normal"

"Sorry for waking you up mummy, but I've discovered this new thing called 'wanking' and I wanted to show you what happens at the end. Shall I get you a tissue?"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
a word unlike any other word, one with meaning not of pervertedness but yet meaning that of nothing. Stands for anything at all and the true meaning can only be assumed yet never spoken.
BoB-What you up to?
Joe-Just wanking it.
by Jelthi April 19, 2007
1- the act of spanking the monkey
can also be used very effectively with other words to get your point accross with no mistakes such as "your maws got baws yah dog wanking fuckstick"
i find this tends to work ;-)
by pax September 15, 2003
the motion when a fat kid walks
hey look at bryce! hes totally wanking!
by Jizzle! December 02, 2008
I'm going to have a wank.
No the new term is 'being spiteful to naomi'
by Neg July 30, 2004

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