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a sensation experienced when having a wank but you are disturbed by someone openning the door etc and you must turn around or pull your pants up very quickly.
I was having a wank yesterday when my mum was out but she came home early and I got wankers whiplash
#wank #toss #jack off #cum #masturbate
by Aff September 27, 2005
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A painful spasm felt after nearly being caught wanking, the actual pain is felt when one pulls their hand back from their cock and their shoulder is strained by the sudden movement. A good way of preventing this from happening is to stretch before masterbating or simply locking your door.
Person A - Hey, why's your arm in a sling?

Person B - Last night i thought i was alone in the house, so i had a wank. Midway through i heard my mum come up the stairs so i paniced and... (points at arm) this happened.

Person A - Whoa... Wanker's Whiplash... You should have limbered up first.
#wank #wanker #wanking #injury #masterbation
by Anonymous #924876 January 18, 2010
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