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Sores on one's genitals from excessive and/or vigorous masturbation. A play on words from the more commonly known canker sore.
Why are you walking funny?

I stayed up all night masturbating and the wanker sores are killing me!
by MerkXRTurbo February 26, 2011
noun: A sore that is developed on the penis (male genitalia) from masturbating too hard or too often; a twist on "canker sore"; a person who is a major pervert and enjoys wanking a little too much
ex 1:
Guy 1: "Let's go to the water park!"
Guy 2: "I can't man, I have a massive wanker sore..."
Guy 1: "I can relate... I lit some cinnamon candles in my room, laid back, and watched pay-per-view for hours last night."
ex 2:
Girl 1: "He's so cute!"
Girl 2: "Yeah but I would never date him because he is such a wanker sore."
by MikeF88 February 22, 2011