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A person who wanks dogs for pleasure. This may be either to benefit the canine or the wankee. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement as both parties get relief or enjoyment.

This word has no known entomological basis. Rather an amalgam of Wank and Dog. Much ingenuity and wit brought the two otherwise unrelated words together to create a doubly Whammy insult.

Beware that this word is know to cause considerable Offense. Do not use lightly, there is no reining in its terrible power upon its utterance.
It may just be best never to use this word again!!!! Ever!!!!!
Little miss Ging wanks the dogs, she is such a wankadog.

Mr Y frequently provides fellatio to his German Shepherd says Ms X. I think he is one of those wankadogs.

I won't let my children near no wankadog, they're riddled with flees and ticks.

Some countries do not allow the wanking of dogs. But the Wankadog Lobbyist group at Westminster are trying to legalize wanking dogs. Equal Rights for all!!!
by Faggotry In Motion June 06, 2009
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