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the wangy tash originated in 56bc (chinese year of the goat). It was first used as an insult to very little people who had no sense of smell. Bigger people used to pop a sly finger between their buttocks just skimming by their ring, leaving poo particles on their finger just in the same way a bee rubs on a flower to pick up pollen. If the bigger person felt brave he, or indeed she could slip ones digit up ones anal cavity for greater effect. The bigger person would then creep up to the smaller person and unsuspectingly swipe ones poo stained finger accross the smaller persons top lip leaving them with an uncomfortable smell and embarrasing brown coloured tash. The smaller persons reaction is one of complete bewilderment and sensing a distinctive smell of shit they then turn their top lip up to their nose to verify the smell. This top lip action and the realisation of the smaller person that you have indeed wiped poo accros his lip is the expression not to be missed by the bigger person.
" dude i've just wangy tash this little person with ankle socks and he took only 5 seconds this time to realise what the smell was"

" her top lip curled up like a girraffe smelling another girraffes arse"
by marlene the cat June 02, 2009
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