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The melonade of the wang.
Before I drink a tall glass of WANGONADE I like to eat about 147 Fluffy Wang Wangdillos.
by Wenisface May 16, 2003
The substance contained in the deep reaches of the mysterious wang spheres (balls/testicles), only to be let out via great excitement. i.e. ejaculate... cum, jizz, spunk, love-sauce, baby-gravy...
"Brb, I am gonna go get a glass of lemonade."
"How about instead you have a nice big gulp of my delicious wang-o-nade?"
The girl was very pretty, so of course he could not help himself from suddenly producing a significant amount of wang-o-nade... right into his new pair of pants.
by ADeadlySpark November 26, 2010
A drink made of semen, water, and sugar.
It's so hot, I think I'll have a nice glass of wangonade.
by Wangster May 25, 2003
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