When 2 or more straight dudes hang out 'just as friends.'
Kevin: "What you doin' tonight?"

Justin: "Gonna wang hang with Nick."
by JTHowelll April 27, 2010
Top Definition
Similar to a man date, a wang hang is when 2 or more men just want to hang out in a complete heterosexual way.
I'm going to wang hang with tom today
by Lando Fett February 19, 2010
When you can see the outline of a dude's penis through his pants; the male equivalent of a nip-slip
Did you see Jon Hamm's wang hang pics?
Yeah, he's definitely a shower.
by savoit March 21, 2013
Synonymous with sausage party and sword fight, a wang hang involves the intentional (or unintentional) exclusion of women from an all-male event. May be used both as an exclamatory statement, as well as in a derogatory fashion.
"I can't wait for the camping trip - no girls allowed - it will be a total wang hang!"

"I don't see any chicks at this party - yikes, this is a total wang hang - I'm out!"
by farcuri July 17, 2013
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