An item that KoL players use on chatters who use words such as "u," "r," and "ur" in the stead of the actual word. WANGs give these n00bs 100 adventures worth of the "Wanged" effect, which fixes these abbreviations.
Dude, some n00b was annoying me with U and R, so I WANGed him.
by CaptainGoogle January 20, 2007
according to jockey an onomatapeic term of a wang
Ms. Walker has a huge wang
by uh humm October 08, 2005
A chinese penis. Can be commonly used as regular penis slang.
Used with the saying:

That guy is lower than my wang
by ScurryInertia September 26, 2005
(v.) To stink, reek, pong
Jeezum it really wangs in here.
by anycon August 29, 2005
1. The name of a taiwanese student that attends Nathan Hale in West Allis, WI

2. The huge penis that this man has in his pants, called Prince Albert
Wang has an amazingly huge wang for a chinese dude.
by thirstyformore50 December 24, 2004
To put in something or place on something
Thanks for those flowers, can you just wang them in the vase for me?
by Lusty November 29, 2004
v. to display a good stereo sound system with ample amounts of bass and volume; usually associated with a car stereo system

n. good bass and volume (as applied to a car)
v. Damn that nigga car is wangin' its ass off. I can hear that shit from around the block.

n. Yo, Ashleigh, dude car got wang out this world.
by beautiful_disast3r June 17, 2004

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