a slang word for a penis that oozes plentiful pre-cum when aroused
Jack's wang gets sticky and slick when it gets hard.
by johnsonlover259 August 20, 2009
The universal term for anything.
"Man, you are such a wang!"
"Dude, don't make me wang you!"
"Uhh... could you guys stop wanging eachother and get me some more strawberry wang?"
by Grand Master Fledgling August 26, 2008
That thing between your legs that you won't stop playing with.
"Johnny, get your hands off your wang and come help me do the dishes"
by megamegamegatron August 14, 2008
1. The national surname of China.

2. A penis.

3. Chinese food.

4. Brand of early computers.

5. Chinese people.
1. "It's pronounced 'Wong'."

2. "Poor ol' Wong has a small Wang."

3. "I'm gunna get me some Wang for dinner."

4. "I'm programming the future on my Wang!"

5. "Look at family Wang in that Camry over there. Junior Wang has his head out the window!"
by Elijah Bone January 23, 2008
An item that KoL players use on chatters who use words such as "u," "r," and "ur" in the stead of the actual word. WANGs give these n00bs 100 adventures worth of the "Wanged" effect, which fixes these abbreviations.
Dude, some n00b was annoying me with U and R, so I WANGed him.
by CaptainGoogle January 20, 2007
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