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command form of "wing," as in presenting an impromptu speech
past tense: "wanged"
Command Example: "Go up there and wang that speech, Jack!

Past Tense Example: "Wow, Kurtis just wanged that speech."
by clemmon19 July 09, 2010
0 2
1. A name for a penis.

2. A snake that keeps itself nice and cozy by snuggling in a vagina.
1. Hey kid! Stop looking at my wang!

2. Jimmy, your wang is sticking out of your pants!
by biganusman October 25, 2009
1 3
a slang word for a penis that oozes plentiful pre-cum when aroused
Jack's wang gets sticky and slick when it gets hard.
by johnsonlover259 August 20, 2009
1 3
the answer when your name is called during roll call, the only answer
"David Fairchizzle"
by totallywang April 20, 2009
3 5
A penis
wow i have a big wang
by poohbear1212 January 16, 2009
4 6
That thing between your legs that you won't stop playing with.
"Johnny, get your hands off your wang and come help me do the dishes"
by megamegamegatron August 14, 2008
8 10
a word that kyle uses in vulgar ways to talk about his penis. often used when you ask him to do something. his form of pwning someone.
Kassidy:why dont you clean that up?
Kyle:why dont you suck my wang!?
by JillianeNicolle April 15, 2008
4 6