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1. A name for a penis.

2. A snake that keeps itself nice and cozy by snuggling in a vagina.
1. Hey kid! Stop looking at my wang!

2. Jimmy, your wang is sticking out of your pants!
by biganusman October 25, 2009
1 3
a slang word for a penis that oozes plentiful pre-cum when aroused
Jack's wang gets sticky and slick when it gets hard.
by johnsonlover259 August 20, 2009
1 3
the answer when your name is called during roll call, the only answer
"David Fairchizzle"
by totallywang April 20, 2009
3 5
A penis
wow i have a big wang
by poohbear1212 January 16, 2009
4 6
That thing between your legs that you won't stop playing with.
"Johnny, get your hands off your wang and come help me do the dishes"
by megamegamegatron August 14, 2008
8 10
a word that kyle uses in vulgar ways to talk about his penis. often used when you ask him to do something. his form of pwning someone.
Kassidy:why dont you clean that up?
Kyle:why dont you suck my wang!?
by JillianeNicolle April 15, 2008
4 6
1. The national surname of China.

2. A penis.

3. Chinese food.

4. Brand of early computers.

5. Chinese people.
1. "It's pronounced 'Wong'."

2. "Poor ol' Wong has a small Wang."

3. "I'm gunna get me some Wang for dinner."

4. "I'm programming the future on my Wang!"

5. "Look at family Wang in that Camry over there. Junior Wang has his head out the window!"
by Elijah Bone January 23, 2008
3 5