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1. The penis
2. A last name of Chinese people
3. See cock, dick, twig and berries, penis, weiner, family jewels, pecker, etc.
1. Ma god! That girl has got a wang!
2. That wang must be like twelve inches!
by A-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s May 03, 2004
An obsessive and dependent object in need of constant attention, as a penis, demanding well-pumping.
Shit mang, linda wang is such a wanksta.
by WHRHS January 08, 2004
Wang or collaterally Wong is almost universally understood to mean Penis.
Of course in the slang environment only.
There is no reason to delete it from a good slang dictionary
What did the Scotsman wear under his kilt? A wang, A wang!
by Bewanged of God August 16, 2003
1) A large computer system, very large, which one can be proud to own due to its value as an antique.

2) A chinese (or AZN restaraunt)
1) I got me a big-ass Wang

2) We ate Wang last night
by iMak March 24, 2003
A really droopy DICK that swings around like a wrecking ball
Sadly I have a WANG
by BRICK:l March 04, 2014
Wang- A badly rolled Blunt or J
EWWW that L is a wang, that shit is so ugly.
by MTC973 May 12, 2011
The adjective to like Rainbows, Unicorns, Butterflies, and Flowers (Usually stoned or basically out of it when you would say this)
Dude, I am having a wang moment
by Dudecouldbehere August 21, 2010