A really droopy DICK that swings around like a wrecking ball
Sadly I have a WANG
by BRICK:l March 04, 2014
A wang is a turtle neck sweater poncho. Named after the designer, Vera Wang.
That is a lovely wang you're wearing!
by immunurse November 21, 2011
imma wang a bitch
by treehousedoll May 24, 2011
To place or move.
Tracks can be wanged into a dj mix. Memory cards can be wanged into cameras.

A video can be wanged forward to the best scene.
by Twoeightylover December 11, 2008
The universal term for anything.
"Man, you are such a wang!"
"Dude, don't make me wang you!"
"Uhh... could you guys stop wanging eachother and get me some more strawberry wang?"
by Grand Master Fledgling August 26, 2008
a word that kyle uses in vulgar ways to talk about his penis. often used when you ask him to do something. his form of pwning someone.
Kassidy:why dont you clean that up?
Kyle:why dont you suck my wang!?
by JillianeNicolle April 15, 2008
Rookie pitcher for the New York Yankees
Chin-Ming Wang is starting game 2 of the ALDS
by Brian the great .... October 05, 2005

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