A wang is a turtle neck sweater poncho. Named after the designer, Vera Wang.
That is a lovely wang you're wearing!
by immunurse November 21, 2011
1 A tall person, usually asian, if not he's black. A Wang usually likes to pretend to steal things and act like a badass when really he reads at home with his cat.
2 A wang is someone who either is completely inept in almost everything they do except draw, or someone who acts like a dick all the time
Kieth has achieved wang status, he shoved a flaming bag of anus waste under my door mat.
by McSackdrop August 25, 2010
a word that kyle uses in vulgar ways to talk about his penis. often used when you ask him to do something. his form of pwning someone.
Kassidy:why dont you clean that up?
Kyle:why dont you suck my wang!?
by JillianeNicolle April 15, 2008
Rookie pitcher for the New York Yankees
Chin-Ming Wang is starting game 2 of the ALDS
by Brian the great .... October 05, 2005
male reproductive organ used in fucking
his best friend is long wang
by irishmoron May 28, 2005
surname of famous fashion desinger to the stars, vera wang.
i really like that dress by vera wang
by Nobby July 19, 2004
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